I start with my education as a concise way of presenting an atypical path that nonetheless seems to have served me well.

My psychology education began with a BA in physiological psychology at Clark University. Next I attended the University of Connecticut for Master's and Doctoral degrees in the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences.  It was only after coming to Philadelphia in 1977 that I pursued psychotherapy work, gaining licensure from The Comonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1981.  At Albert Einstein Medical Center's Psychiatry Department in North Philadelphia from 1978 to 1993, my work included leadership positions in Violence Postvention and the Student Assistance Program.

In 1993, I returned for what I call my second Clark education when elected as an Alumni Trustee for their Board of Directors through 1999. Also in 1993, I founded bfc networks as a large group practice but the ensuing years taught me that I am a better clinician that administrator and the practice is now a solo venture located in my home in Wayne, PA.

I am often happily surprised by the ways that the widely disparate aspects of my background can prove relevant to psychotherapy work. My professional interests include dyslexia (the topic of my 1977 doctoral dissertation), premenstrual syndrome (the focus of a book I co-edited in 1987 with Benson E. Ginsburg: Legal, Ethical and Biomedical Perspectives), human aggression (Drafting Council Member and Signatory on the 1986 UNESCO-sponsored Seville Statement on Violence, which was cited by the Dalai Lama in his 2004 book) and Self Psychology (founding member of the Self Psychology Study Group of the Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology). And in more recent years, spirituality of wide divergence has influenced and supported my work.